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One of our main goals in life (and as a company) is to spread LOVE like there’s no tomorrow. ‘Cuz really – love is one of those things – the more you give – the more there is for everyone! We are super excited about these new limited edition stickers that we made to remind […]

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1 day ago

Hidden Hollow Garden Art

Clouds have always fascinated me. Here's our version..πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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Hello Hello!

We know a lot of you are excited to visit AND believe me we can.not.wait. to see YOU!

Here are our open dates so far...

Our Hello May-Open Coop on May 12th will still be in and around our original little Coop.

The Wednesday Happy Hour (s) June dates will be in our NEW gallery- Coop Too!! YEAHHHH!!
We will be announcing additional *hours* for Coop TOO in June.
Thank YOU ALL for your patience and understanding during one of the wildest adventures our small family business has taken on!

Truly- Thank You for the LOVE, spreading the word + buying Handmade!

Jaim, Pete + the HHGA gang

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4 days ago

Hidden Hollow Garden Art

Frames like the other day, but with a twist! Indoor/outdoor metal frames!! Ha!! I love them! They're fun, right?! The inside shelf addition is perfect.
Can't wait to add a whole display outside of Coop Too when the grounds start moving along more😍😍😍
#hiddenhollowart #frameit #planter #decor #handmade

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