EVENTS, NEWS / May 16, 2018

First OPEN COOP in the Books + NEW SHOW!

Well, our first Open Coop event was a great success!!! Thanks so much to everyone that stopped out and especially big thanks to everyone that sent Jaimie well wishes – it seems to have worked, ‘cuz she’s back at it! So much so, that we’ve scheduled another show for Sunday, May 27th from 10 am […]

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COOP TOO, EVENTS, NEWS / May 2, 2018

The Countdown has BEGUN!!

We’re counting the days (both on Facebook – AND in our minds) until our opening day event on May 12th!!! Ten more days – in case you’re wondering 🙂 Along with making LOTS of amazing work we’re checking LOTS of things off our to-do list for our EXCITING opening day for Coop Too (June 13th […]

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COOP TOO, EVENTS, NEWS / April 28, 2018

The Story of Us (and YOU TOO)!!!

Buckle up for some seriousness…because, sometimes things need to be written – for ALL to read.  But for real – we’ll be back to FUN posts ASAP! BIG LOVE! We understand that our opening day event can be a LOT to handle and that’s it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And after recently receiving some messages […]

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EVENTS, NEWS / April 12, 2018


One of our main goals in life (and as a company) is to spread LOVE like there’s no tomorrow. ‘Cuz really – love is one of those things – the more you give – the more there is for everyone! We are super excited about these new limited edition stickers that we made to remind […]

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Hi! This photo was taken yesterday morning as the sun lit up coop too. It makes me smile.
To think back how far we've come...❤
How lucky are we? We've created the place of our dreams AND we get to share it with YOU.
Cheers to the journey.
Thanks for loving this place as much as we do!
Next scheduled open date - September 15 9am-Noon.

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All around Hidden Hollow❤
We hope you leave inspired.
Open TODAY 9am-Noon.
N1833 Orchard Rd New Holstein WI

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2 days ago

Hidden Hollow Garden Art

Coop TOO
N1833 Orchard Rd New Holstein WI
OPEN 8.18.18 9am-Noon😊

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