EVENTS, NEWS / May 16, 2018

First OPEN COOP in the Books + NEW SHOW!

Well, our first Open Coop event was a great success!!! Thanks so much to everyone that stopped out and especially big thanks to everyone that sent Jaimie well wishes – it seems to have worked, ‘cuz she’s back at it! So much so, that we’ve scheduled another show for Sunday, May 27th from 10 am […]

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COOP TOO, EVENTS, NEWS / May 2, 2018

The Countdown has BEGUN!!

We’re counting the days (both on Facebook – AND in our minds) until our opening day event on May 12th!!! Ten more days – in case you’re wondering 🙂 Along with making LOTS of amazing work we’re checking LOTS of things off our to-do list for our EXCITING opening day for Coop Too (June 13th […]

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COOP TOO, EVENTS, NEWS / April 28, 2018

The Story of Us (and YOU TOO)!!!

Buckle up for some seriousness…because, sometimes things need to be written – for ALL to read.  But for real – we’ll be back to FUN posts ASAP! BIG LOVE! We understand that our opening day event can be a LOT to handle and that’s it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And after recently receiving some messages […]

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EVENTS, NEWS / April 12, 2018


One of our main goals in life (and as a company) is to spread LOVE like there’s no tomorrow. ‘Cuz really – love is one of those things – the more you give – the more there is for everyone! We are super excited about these new limited edition stickers that we made to remind […]

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HHGA on Facebook

We tell ya all of the time- you guys are AWESOME!
Thank You for spreading the word + sharing the Love.

Aren't our NEW gift cards sweet?! We think so😍

The winners of a $50 HHGA gift card are...
Jennifer Fritsche-Thompson!
Theresa Wuestenhagen!
Stacie Riha Birschbach!

See you next time! Open dates up next are April 5th + 6th..OR if we decide to throw in a pop-up date..we'll always post on social media 😘

Make it a fantastic weekend!

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You guys- today was absolutely-positively so very wonderful.
All of our pop-up and/or open dates this year have been chill and lovely. We have recieved sooo many compliments about our frequent (more frequent than last year ;) ) hours..yayyyy!!
It was ALWAYS the plan to get to this, but it all takes time and thankfully we have more *flippinAmazing* HANDS that joined our team- which means more ART being created for the world 😍
Cheers to a ton of fun in 2019!
Please see the Events tab on Facebook for open hours...more will be added throughout the Year.
Once again- thank YOU!! thank you for your positivity and rolling through the growing process with us 😘
We love you guys!

Ps. The $50 hhga gift card winners will be announced Tomorrow!

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Hello Spring!!
Coop Too is OPEN tomorrow!! *Pop-Up Hours*
March 21 9:30am-12:30pm😍

OhOh! We also have NEW gift cards!! Yay- Share the LOVE (let us know you did) and you'll be entered to WIN a $50 HHGA gift card🎉🎉🎉 We're giving 3 away!

Here's what's in store!

See some of you then!
This place is bursting with COLOR!
N1833 Orchard Rd New Holstein

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