NEWS, PRODUCTS / August 20, 2018

If You’ve Been Thinking About Ordering…

…something from our Etsy shop…well – hooray – today is the day! We’ve added some new products to our Etsy shop – but they’re limited edition – so don’t delay – order today – or at least by August 31st – ‘cuz that’s when our little online shop will be closing probably until 2019). These […]

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PRODUCTS / August 5, 2018

Cleaning Your HHGA Birdhouse VIDEO

A lot of you have been asking about cleaning out our birdhouses…so we made you a video! Hope this helps πŸ™‚

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PRODUCTS / March 15, 2018

Hidden Hollow HOME

You may have been noticing a shift in some of our work lately…well, let me tell you. I’ve been waiting for this day for a VERY long time. I’ve always loved creating pieces for inside the home. I love seeing touches of rust and color and funky fun where I spend most of my time. […]

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PRODUCTS / February 26, 2018


We are SOOOOO excited about these little gems. Mini ART Stakes that you can stick into a potted plant – bouquet of flowers – or anything else you can dream up! Available in 5 different designs + a seasonal 4-leaf clover design. More details and purchasing options now in our Etsy shop!Β   

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Holidays, PRODUCTS / February 7, 2018


With all the work on our new space – you might think it would affect our art-making – but the ideas are FLOWING like red hot lava – and here’s just a few of our love-themed pieces we have available in our Etsy shop!

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HHGA on Facebook

This made my day! (Early morning girls waiting for us to open❀) Thank you to All of you who braved our winter wonderland 😜 here yesterday!
We all made the best of it- had some laughs, hugs + amazing coffee! (Terra Verde you rock!) We love seeing all of you! AND to be able to chat and share a smile is the best.
We say it over and over, but here I go again- thank YOU for being here and joining us on this incredible journey.
Thank YOU for buying Handmade.
We appreciate You!

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There's a few of these throughout the Coop TOO! Surprise! ...

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