If You’ve Been Thinking About Ordering…

NEWS, PRODUCTS / August 20, 2018

If You’ve Been Thinking About Ordering…

…something from our Etsy shop…well – hooray – today is the day! We’ve added some new products to our Etsy shop – but they’re limited edition – so don’t delay – order today – or at least by August 31st – ‘cuz that’s when our little online shop will be closing probably until 2019). These and SO MUCH MORE is available to be shipped right to your door – or the door of some lucky duck you want to send a FABULOUS gift to – like…

A funky chicken on a stick –  HERE

Swirly FLOWER on a stick – CLICK

Camper magnets – HERE

Honestly – there is SO MUCH MORE – you should probably go HERE and check it ALL out 🙂

BUT DON’T WAIT – AUGUST 31st – midnight – the coach turns back into a pumpkin, or something like that 🙂

Adorable campers on a spring?!? Yes, PLEASE 🙂 Available HERE!

Campers on a stick WITH a HEART?!? OMG, YES!!! Click HERE

How about a cute little bird on boingy spring? Definitely the one? Click HERE

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