The Countdown has BEGUN!!

COOP TOO, EVENTS, NEWS / May 2, 2018

The Countdown has BEGUN!!

We’re counting the days (both on Facebook – AND in our minds) until our opening day event on May 12th!!! Ten more days – in case you’re wondering 🙂 Along with making LOTS of amazing work we’re checking LOTS of things off our to-do list for our EXCITING opening day for Coop Too (June 13th 5-7 pm). Like this AMAZING mural by our amazingly talented bestie Kim Geiser!!! I won’t ever tire of staring at it – EVER! We also had the gravel “installed” yesterday – and soon we’ll be planting grass and that means we’re getting REALLY, REALLY close. It’s feeling like Spring is really here! Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been creating all winter!!! Hope to see you on May 12th – 9 am – NOON!

p.s. Did you see the original Coop’s facelift? Isn’t she LOVELY?

Wall-mounted swirl hooks??? YES, PLEASE…it’s starting to look a little like Whoville around here – but we LOVE IT!


It takes a village…the Coop Too project has been an AMAZING journey filled with even more AMAZING people who have helped it become a reality – like G&H Trucking and Excavating! We’ve still got more to finish before we can open the doors, but we can see the finish line and that feels pretty AWESOME!!!


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