The Story of Us (and YOU TOO)!!!

COOP TOO, EVENTS, NEWS / April 28, 2018

The Story of Us (and YOU TOO)!!!

Buckle up for some seriousness…because, sometimes things need to be written – for ALL to read.  But for real – we’ll be back to FUN posts ASAP! BIG LOVE!

We understand that our opening day event can be a LOT to handle and that’s it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And after recently receiving some messages on a variety of topics, we decided it was time to share a story with y’all. Read on – ‘cuz it’s about you too!

We’ve been in business for over a decade now, and as you may have witnessed, we have experienced (and continue to experience) growing pains. About 6 years ago, we made a goal to shift the way we did business – holding as many shows as possible on our property – this meant less travel, loading/unloading  (for us), but it also meant we could also offer our customers more selection and a better shopping experience – as we weren’t limited by a show booth (usually 10’x10’). It’s almost impossible to imagine that we did that for so many years! As we transitioned to holding more and more shows here, we realized that we were quickly outgrowing our space due to the OVERWHELMING support we were receiving from our AMAZING customers. Over the years we have continuously tried to alleviate some of the “stress” of our larger events – purchased additional equipment, expanded production areas, added additional help, purchased additional property for parking lots, etc. – all this (and more) in addition to working really, REALLY hard to build up inventory for these shows (for MONTHS in advance). Even doing all those things, we knew we needed to do more.

About 3 years ago we started planning our new retail facility. There were many goals for this new space, but number one was to offer the best possible shopping experience for our WONDERFUL customers. The plan included transitioning to having less “shows” and more “regular hours” – in hopes to alleviate some of the Black Friday-esque vibes of some of our events. As an interim step, in order to make our products more readily available, we sold through a couple of retail spaces and added an online shop. While our online shop is still active, we pulled out of all retail venues early 2018. We received a lot of feedback about this decision…some people were happy about what we were adding to (our already) magical place and some sad – because let’s face it – change can be hard. When we started this project our goal was to be open for business last fall, but due to a variety of reasons, many beyond our control, that didn’t happen.

Going through this experience has helped us to grow in many ways. We love our new space (Coop Too) SO MUCH. We hope it will fill people with inspiration, and hope, and JOY! Will this space be perfect? Probably not- but it’ll be as close to perfect as we can get (for now). We have built this business with our own blood, sweat, and tears (as recently as yesterday as a matter of fact) and we will continue to make decisions based on what is best for our family and our customers.  We NEVER take for granted ALL of our AWESOME customers.  We have a very clear vision for our business, and we will continue to follow the path that is best for our family AND our business. We LOVE what we do and have immense gratitude for ALL of our customers – we know that we couldn’t live this life without your collective support.

We know that even with ALL of this there are some people that haven’t been able to get those pieces they’ve wanted, or have been frustrated by the lack of selection when they visit due to things selling so quickly. We are in final planning stages for our next (desperately needed) production facility expansion project. Sometimes it feels a little like we are running 24/7/365 and still we can’t keep up…we’re working very hard to change that as soon as possible – for ALL our sakes.

Thanks again for joining us on this AWESOME and AMAZING journey. We have grown because of all of our SUPPORTIVE customers – and we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Please note: besides our May 12th (opening event) we will be open two WEDNESDAY evenings in June from 5-7 pm (13th and 27th) and will be announcing our “regular hours” (to begin in July) sometime in May – as you can imagine, we have to figure out a few details first. But, in the meantime, if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter – followed us on social media – or visited our website recently, we suggest you do that. We try very hard to communicate our progress, announce shows and open dates, AND do LOTS of giveaways in those places.

We hope to see you at the Coop (or Coop Too) soon! The BEST is yet to come – we pinky swear 🙂

ALL our BEST – Jaim and Pete

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