Frame It Any Way You Want

PRODUCTS / February 12, 2019

Frame It Any Way You Want

Looking for a unique way to add some spice to your space? Then look no further than our frame/shelf – frelf (LOL). These unique pieces add color and dimension to any space, indoors or OUT. What makes these frames so special, is that they can also be used to feature a plant, small piece of art, vase of flowers, or your favorite photo! AND BONUS – you can customize them with one of our funky magnets to add even more flair.

Like to keep things fresh and new – then this product is for YOU! The possibilities are endless…create holiday themed vignettes inside add a magnet and BAM – awesomeness! Add them to an outdoor building, garden shed, tree for an unexpected pop – fairy garden anyone?

We hope you’ll get creative with these unique pieces – and don’t forget to show us what you create! We LOVE seeing how you use our pieces in YOUR space 🙂

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