An Attitude of Gratitude

Uncategorized / January 21, 2019

An Attitude of Gratitude

2018 – WOW! What a year! As I think about it all – I was overwhelmed by the feeling of gratitude that I experienced, so much, that I needed to try to express them to YOU! Yes, YOU!!!

A moment of gratitude.  

Thank YOU to every single one of YOU who have joined us on this journey. 

Thank YOU for understanding the time it takes to create pieces from our hearts and hands.

Thank YOU for understanding the juggling it takes to be artsy makers + raise a family. 

Thank YOU for appreciating our skill.

Thank YOU for making a trip to our magical place…a place that evolved from our small little country home.

Thank YOU for buying our pieces in our Etsy shop.

Thank YOU for taking the time to leave a kind review.

When you put yourself out into the world-  your heart is exposed for all to see… Thank YOU a million times over for letting us be US, accepting our crazy schedule AND mostly, for letting us be a little a little part of your lives. 

Our hearts are full because of the many awesome people who we have met through the years. Because of YOU we continue to grow and infuse corners of this world with love and our mission to spread happiness through our whimsical creations. 

We are forever grateful!!!

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Jaim, Pete + the HHGA gang

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